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紙噤薄既一張摺凳 - 挑戰人類對影像傳統的概念

為了挑戰人類對影像傳統的概念, 及對眼球帶來特別的衝擊, 來自韓國的設計師 Jongha Choi 在其"de-dimension projects"中設計出幾款摺凳, 當放出來的時候是普通一張立體的矮凳, 但當摺起來的時候, 矮凳立即變成平面, 非常慳位而且美觀, 這個"解維"設計正正應用了人類視覺的限制去創造出影像無限的可能性...

"The history of the image has always aligned with the history of the human race. In our vast history, it has been understood and depicted in various forms. Nowadays, owing to scientific technology, it is developing in its form, from photography, film and even further towards virtual reality. Even the advent of 3D printing skills shake our fundamental notion of the image. Unlike the past, we are not only seeing the image as a means of reproducing objects, but also giving essential identity to the image itself. In other words, though the image still shows its visual effect on a flat plane, it is not just an expression of representation, but a making real an experience. In our current situation, in which modern society experiences the image, in relation to advertising, image circulation and the internet, why do we not question an images’ confinement to a flat surface. Why don’t we try to get more stereoscopic and attempt for direct experience with the image. My question started with this point and I tried several experiments in order to realise this idea from a personal point of view."

cityplushk- Jongha Choi

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