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About Cityplus

With the high quality metal fabrication center in Zhuhai since 1987, Program Contractors Limited is a leading manufacturer in the metallic street furniture industry. Through collaboration with some of the best advertising agencies and public transportation companies, thousands of our street furniture including bus shelter, advertising light-box, signage, bench, bicycle rack and trash bin have been delivered and installed in over 90 cities around the world. 


In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized and competitive, the addition and renewal of street furniture is not just about improving the living quality, but also seeking to enhance the entire impression of the city and bringing economic value too. All the appreciations and praises we received from our respected clients didn't add complacency to our attitude. Program continues to nurture its brand Cityplus to cater to the increasing needs of improving public spaces where people rest, socialize or are simply passing by. 



We have cumulated a lot of experience in dealing a plethora of different cultures and served a wide range of end-users. To make furniture for every person for different cities, we customize the design to match the differences and unexpected conditions in urban areas.


We realize how much time people spend outside their home each day and how they are becoming increasingly engaged with street furniture and public facilities available to them, however, most importantly we have a vision of how their dream cities should look like. Cityplus strives to add positive value to the city by considering sustainability, accessibility, safety and to enhance the daily experience of those who live in or are visiting the city. As cities grow, Cityplus does the same and will not slow down its pace. Cityplus strives to not only adding more trendy street furniture to beautify a city, but we yearn to build dream cities and foster real tangible change. 

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