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When it comes to the production of street furniture, creativity is the soul of design, with engineering and manufacturing carrying equal importance. At Cityplus, we make well engineered, safe and beautiful street furniture produced with the best interests of our users in mind - the public, people who shape our communities.
Our comprehensive product range: 
Bike Rack | Bench | Bollard | Trash Bin | Table Set | Kiosk | Shelter | Canopy | Seat | Advertising Panel | Signage
Our clients:
University Campus, Transport Department, Train & Metro Station, Hospital, Property & Facility Management Company, Landscape Design Firm, Architecture Firm, Contractors, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, Event Management
Stand Up - Hand Sanitiser Pedestal
HydroPod - Hand Wash Station
The Street Tidy Bin
Solar Eye
The Smart Flower
Sobol Illuminated Bollard
The Stellar Bench
Cityplus Triangle Bicycle Rack 單車泊架
Cityplus-semi vertical bicycle rack
Cityplus Banner Event Bicycle Parking Rack
Cityplus Circle Bicycle Parking Rack
Cityplus Toast Bicycle Rack U 型單車泊架
Two Tier Bike Rack 雙層單車停泊架
Car Bike Port - Cyclehoop Bike Rack
Cityplus Cycle Bike Rack 圓型單車泊架
Cityplus Penta Bicycle Rack 單車泊架
Customised Cycle Racks
Public Bike Pump - Cyclehoop
Public Bike Repair Stand - Cyclehoop
Home Bike Shelf - Cyclehoop
Cityplus Parklet Bike Parking Bench
Cloud Shape Chair with bike rack
Outdoor Hotel Ribbon Chair
Outdoor Rolling Chair
Retail Shop Kiosk
Car Park & Bus shelter
Classic Bus Shelter
Bus Shelter with Seats
Advertising Panel and Lightbox
Color Sign Panel - Signage
LED light bollard
LED light bollard
Balustrade with glass and lighting
Outdoor pillar trash bin
Modern bench
Shopping mall golden trash bin
Color Trash Bin
Cityplus Available Table & Chair Set
Cityplus Ribbon table
Cityplus Ribbo Lite
Square Color Chair - 6 seats
Square Color Chair - 1 seat
Color balance chair
Corporate Signage

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