Cityplus Movable Chairs Collaboration with HKPSI


Cityplus collaborated with Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (HKPSI) in the experiment of ‘Design Our Dream Park’ last year by using public chairs as a media to interact with the public. From establishing interviews, art workshops to the experiments at the park, HKPSI recently released a book to record the whole campaign which aims to share their experience of putting movable public chairs at public space with others. As Cityplus shares the same vision with HKPSI – improving the public space, we work closely from time to time to address the design issues of public furniture like safety, security and comfortability. The production cost is quite high for this campaign, but it’s worth to take part in it when we see the unexpected and positive resounds. We are happy to see the general public, community groups, private companies and government departments put heads together to learn how to utilize our valuable pubic space efficiently and effectively.


Media Coverage:

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