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Hoho Hehe Haha Valley

Artist: Kay Chan

Artwork material: Metal, EPDM and composite acrylic solid surface

Location: Choi Yee Bridge Garden

Inspired by the surrounding environment of Choi Yee Bridge Garden and the common vision shared by the Tuen Mun community, artist Kay Chan designed a charming series of little emoticons. She also integrated three natural elements – river, tree, and mountain – into the garden, encouraging the public to explore the three sets of art installations with their imagination, adding to the "fun element" of the space. "River" draws its inspiration from the Tuen Mun River; the varying heights of the seating allow the public to enjoy views of the river and observe migratory birds from different angles. "Tree" draws its inspiration from the egrets at Tuen Mun and allows people to feel like they are in a home protected by the Tree. "Mountain" draws its inspiration from the landscape of Castle Peak; the artist hopes that the miniature hills will encourage community interaction and bring attention to environmental protection issues.


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